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iBuyPower Gaming RDY Intel Core i7 9700K Nvidia RTX 2070 Build Review

PCWizKid had the opportunity to take a detailed look at one of the system builds iBuyPower has to offer, the Gaming RDY VIBG202, Elite Level Gaming PC.

iBuyPower, a well known and established PC Builder has been making combinations of quality award winning gaming PC's and in the business since 1999. The RDY stands for "Rush Delivery to You" and makes getting to you quick a system that allows you to compete harder and play in ultra graphics capable of 1440p or 4K at 60 FPS+.  With the latest 9th generation Intel Core i7 9700k CPU and the new Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 graphics card you can expect some significant performance sure to please any hard core gamer.  PCWizKid takes a closer look in a 2 part review starting with the system out of the box with default clock speed benchmarks.  Then tweak the system further to give it a Overclocking boost.

Knowing how iBuyPower has been delivering gaming PC's for a long time now,  I have confidence that this system will have stable, quality performing combinations.  Their systems have since become the backbone for professional gamers, game developers, LAN centers, major eSports tournaments, and every day consumers that do not have the time or skill to do a build or want a trust worthy system builder to do it for them.  So lets dive in to the review now.

The Specifications of the system we are looking at are as follows:

Case ::iBUYPOWER Tt View 21 2x Side Tempered Glass Gaming Case
Processor ::Intel® Core™ i7-9700K Processor (8x 3.60GHz/12MB L3 Cache)
Processor Cooling ::iBUYPOWER 120mm RGB Liquid Cooling System
Memory ::XPG Z1 16 GB [8 GB x 2] DDR4-3000MHz
Video Card ::MSI Armor GeForce® RTX 2070 - 8GB (VR Ready)
Storage ::240 GB Western Digital Green SSD + 1 TB 7200RPM Western Digital Hard Drive
Game Bundle ::[Included Game Bundle] - Get the Battlefield V full game - w/ Purchase of NVIDIA RTX Graphic Cards
Motherboard ::MSI Z390-A Pro with WiFi
Power Supply ::600 Watt - Standard 80 PLUS Gold

If you were to build the PC yourself and were lucky to find all the same components, odds are you would be paying a higher price, take a look at the example iBuyPower gives:

Thats a savings of over $150 when you take into consideration the promo price and sales that iBuyPower has to offer.

Having said that, its not only about the savings but the peace of mind that the system is covered under warranty as a whole and they stand behind their builds to support you.

It is nice to see how iBuyPower continues to take well known manfuatures and brands and makes it their own with the customer logo's for example seen on the Cases and CPU Cooler's.

As shown in the video review, the system comes safely delievered and well packaged, after all this did have tempered glass on both sides of the case.  The generic gaming keyboard and optical gaming mouse to me are a added bonus and just help you get you up and running quick.  All you need is a monitor.

Another feature I liked is the added RGB lighting and controls for the Case.  The remote and options it had are good enough to be able to find a colour combo that should please anyone and if your not into RGB, you can turn it off.

For an "Elite Series" Gaming PC that iBuyPower has categorized this Vibg202 model , I would have to agree, it indeed is a high end gaming PC and a build I would recommend.  The way the system was built and the combination of hardware components iBuyPower used with the Intel i7 9700K allowed us to overclock to 5Ghz giving us practly Enthusiast level performance!  Top that off with the additioanl overclocking of the MSI Armor Geforce RTX 2070 GPU as shown in the overclocking video we did and that clearly brought even more performance when rendering and in gaming.  The only thing I would have like to see in this system done differntly would have been to have a 256GB NVMe M.2 SSD instead of the WD Green 240GB SSD, other than that all the components were top notch and made perfect sence to me to have used.  As shown in the videos we did this system build delievered great performance and for the price you cannot complain.

For the latest details and pricing from iBuyPower on this and many other systems take a look here https://www.ibuypower.com/Store/Gaming-RDY-VIBG202 on their website directly.


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