Frequently Asked Questions about PCWizKid

  • Q: How long have you been in the IT business? How many PC's do you have?
    A: PCWizKid has been working in the IT business since the early 90's as a professional.  PCWizKid's first PC was an IBM XT, and his first gaming console was a Coleco then a Commodore 64.  Today PCWizKid has a mixture of several generations of Windows PC's and laptops and a Apple Macbook.
  • Q: Do you review only IBM PC compatible hardware and Windows Software?  What about the Apple OS and Hardware?
    A: Though I primarily have Windows 10 and Ubuntu installed on my test systems, I own a Apple MacBook also and am very familiar with all its tools and apps. We review the latest PC Hardware and gaming componentd and peripherals.
  • Q: What do you use to record your videos?
    A: PCWizKid uses Camstudio and Camtasia Studio for Windows 10.   For Ubuntu RecordMydesktop is used
  • Q: Where can I get your mouse cursors seen in your videos?
    A: Visit PCWizKid's article about the mouse cursors , there are links there to downloading the same blue cursor.
  • Q: What do you use to edit your videos?
    A: I use the Sony Vegas Professional video editing software
  • Q: How can I contact PCWizKid for Media Relations Requests and Product Reviews?
    A: Send a email to with the details on your product
  • Q: Are you a official Youtube Partner?
    A: Yes PCWizKid is an proud official Youtube Partner since 2007

    How can I contact you to review my product?

Would you like PCWizKid's Tech Talk to review your product? Our product reviews focus mostly on PC Hardware Components, Gadgets and Peripherals, electronic devices and related software.  Producing video reviews involves rigorous testing to produce informed, practical and unbiased reviews. Our audience use our product reviews to get a better feel for whether a product will fit their needs, and help them make a better buying decision. Because of the time consuming nature of the review process, we ask that all customs, shipping and brokerage charges are paid by YOU the shipper.  We also would reserve the right to keep the product we are reviewing for reuse at our discretion.  In the case of a software or service review, we would require a Full Pro version access. 

PCWizKid's Tech Talk features the most comprehensive and thorough video product reviews on the web. The best way to get your product reviewed is to pitch it, via e-mail to our Marketing Department with your proposal for consideration.  When pitching your product, be sure to include the following information:

  • Overview of the product
  • A press kit if available
  • Availability status (Is it under embargo/NDA? and when is the target date for release?)
  • MSRP Price
  • Product photos