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PCWizKid has put together weekly a series of answers to your questions!

Common questions asked by the audience like you have been grouped into weekly videos to answer the most popular questions asked to PCWizKid.

As you can imagine PCWizKid gets hundreds of emails a day asking for help, tips and requests for PC product reviews.  As part of keeping you happy and helping the community, PCWizKid does his best to get back to you all and with these weekly answer back episodes.

Thank you for your praise and feedback to continue doing the weekly "Answer Back" episodes, I hope you enjoy them and continue to watch every week! Click below, and scroll through the episodes to find what you need.

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Episode 19

Topics covered in this episode are:
- What are PCWizKid's recommendations for Laptop cooling
- What Gaming Laptops PCWizKid recommends
- How can you protect your wireless home network
- Upgrading your Dell, HP or Compaq PC with newer components
- How do you undo what you have done based on my windows tweaks
- Can you use DDR memory that is rated higher than what is recommended

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Episode 20

Topics covered in this episode are:
- An overview on what are the common PC Technician Tools recommended to install and build your PC

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Episode 21

Topics covered in this episode are:
- The numlock function enabled numbers on your keyboard where letters are
- Fixing wireless connections that drop and reconnect often
- What windows tasks are safe
- How to remove a 2nd OS you have installed like Ubuntu and Windows

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Episode 22

Topics covered in this episode are:
- Is it a good thing to have 2 Anti-Virus programs installed at the same time
- Is Ubuntu recommended to play windows games
- Can a video file contain a virus
- When overclocking how long should you be stress testing your system
- Can you install the Apple OS X on a windows PC

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Episode 23

Topics covered in this episode are:
- How to remove a stubborn virus from your PC
- USB 2.0 vs USB 3.0
- SLI and Crossfire configurations at x16 or x8 is it noticable?
- How to replace your stock CPU cooler that came with your CPU
- Ubuntu 10.04 Review
- Does a LCD screen cause lag

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Episode 24

Topics covered in this episode are:
- Why are the outputs on your new video card different than the ones I show in my video reviews sometimes?
- Do you have to re-install Windows when you are swicting video cards like from ATI to a Nvidia?
- Can you run CrossfireX on a SLI certified motherboard?
- You had a virus and it disabled your internet - how to fix that?
- What are the popular Firefox add-ons that PCWizKid has installed and uses
-Can you use DDR memory that says is for Intel on a AMD PC?

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Episode 25

Topics covered in this episode are:
- Anti vibration qualities of a desktop PC case - is it worth it?
- Tools to use to overclock your graphics card
- Is it wise to disable the Windows superfetch Service?
- Can you install a AM2/AM2+ AMD CPU on a new AM3 Socket motherboard?
- Why is it slow booting up your PC?

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Episode 26

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Episode 27

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Episode 28

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Episode 29

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Episode 30

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