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The Transcend JetDrive 420 is a upgrade kit for MacBook systems.  You could say that the upgrade kit is made for professional photographers, videographers and graphic artists who are looking for additional performance.

The Main Highlights

  • SSD upgrade for MacBook Pro (early 2006 - mid 2012), MacBook (early 2006 - late 2012), Mac mini (early 2006 - late 2012)
  • High quality SSD that provides larger capacity and faster speeds for your Mac
  • Transforms the original drive of your Mac into external USB 3.0 drive
  • All tools are included for installation
  • Five-year limited warranty

Transcend’s JetDrive 420 features the next-generation SATA III 6Gb/s interface to deliver lightning-fast transfer speeds of up to 485MB/s read and 410MB/s write. No matter whether you’re a casual Mac user or are fond of more serious activities such as graphic design, video editing, and gaming, upgrading to the JetDrive 420 gives you faster system response and application launch times. Available in 120GB, 240GB, 480GB, and 960GB capacities, the JetDrive 420 is large enough to handle data-intensive applications and store all your files.

SSD Upgrade Kit – Easy to Install

The JetDrive 420 comes with a handy SSD upgrade kit that makes upgrading your MacBook Pro or Mac mini easier than ever. It takes just 6 easy steps found on the Quick Installation Guide provided in the package to upgrade to your new Transcend JetDrive SSD complete with Mac operating system and all the data you wish to transfer.

JetDrive Toolbox SSD Monitoring Software

Transcend JetDrive Toolbox brings together the latest technology for determining the condition and optimizing performance of your JetDrive SSD into a single user-friendly tool. JetDrive Toolbox analyzes the health status of your Transcend SSD with S. M.A. R.T. technology and includes a convenient tool for enabling TRIM, which helps to maintain optimum write speeds and prevent long-term SSD wear.

Retask Your Original SSD – Sleek USB 3.0 External Enclosure

The JetDrive 420 SSD comes bundled with an elegant USB 3.0 external drive enclosure aesthetically designed to look like a natural extension of your MacBook Pro and Mac mini system. In just a few simple steps, you can reuse your original SSD as a sleek new USB 3.0 external storage device to store and backup your documents, photos, music, and movies. The enclosure is made of durable aluminum. The result is a design that’s sturdy yet ultra light and easy to carry, and includes a handy travel pouch to protect the drive against scratches during transport. A bright LED indicator flashes during data transfer activity, and no external power or battery is required for operation.

Video Review



The 240GB version reviewed by PCWizKid definitely recommends it as a easy solution for those looking for SSD performance.  The two most important categories: speed and value, while also being rated for better reliability with a 5 year warranty to back up its quality, make this a great choice.  As prooven in our benchmarks,the JetDrive 420 offers fast read speeds that most home users want.

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