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Windows Vista (like all versions really) come with a set of default screen savers.  One thing you might find is that some of the screen savers included with the operating system have no options.  You get what there is and thats it.  Or is it?  PCWizKid has put together a video tutorial to show you how you can easily modify the Windows Vista registry to enable hidden options for the default screen savers.  In this case we are modifying the Bubbles and Ribbons screen saver settings.

Watch PCWizKid's Video Walkthrough below

Notes from Video:

  • This is a Windows Vista Tip only (no windows XP)
  • Open the registry and navigate to HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Screensavers\
  • Create the new DWORD (32bit) values
    • For the Bubbles Screen saver, create 3 new options; MaterialGlass, ShowShadows and ShowBubbles
    • For the Bubble values they must be in Hex
    • For the Ribbons Screen saver, create 2 new options; NumRibbons and Ribbonwidth
    • For the Ribbon values they must be in Decimal
  • Once you do the changes, exit the registry and access your screen saver properties to preview and test the new settings you enabled in the registry.  enjoy!
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