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Tuniq Ripper 1000 Watt - SLI PSU Review Gaming rigs these days are becomming more demanding with the latest Nvidia GTX cards and ATI Radeons.  The fact that CPU's and GPU's are more overclockable than ever means that systems are drawing more power requirements and the need for speed means your power supply needs to feed the demand. 

Today PCWizKid reviews the Tuniq Ripper 1000 Watt PSU which is more than enough to cover an extream hard core gamers requirements.

PCWizKid has taken the Ripper and put it to the test with 2 of the latest AMD ATI Radeon cards and CPU's on the market:

AMD Dragon Update v2.0 Test system

- Phenom II X4 955 Overclocked to 3.83 Ghz vCore 1.504v - Bus speed 202Mhz x 19 Multiplier. 
- Gigabyte MA790FXT-UD5P Motherboard
- 2x2GB OCZ DDR3 12800 Platinum AMD Edition
- Two Diamond ATI Radeon HD4890's Overclocked at 950Mhz Core , 1060Mhz Memory clocks
- WD Caviar Blue SATA HDD 500GB
- LG 22x DVDRW Combo SATA drive
- Tuniq Ripper 1000 Watt Power Supply
- Cooler Master Scout Case + one 120mm LED side panel fan
- Cooler Master V10 CPU Cooler
- Windows Vista Ultimate + SP1
- Ambient room temperature 20C or 68F

Video Review


PSU Specifications

  • High efficiency 80 plus Bronze Certified
  • Conformed with SLI
  • Support three way SLI
  • Black Cable Sleeving
  • Advanced Off-Line Cooling (Allow Power Supply fan continue cooling for 120 seconds after shutdown. Provide advanced cooling and extend PowerSupply, hardware/component lifetime. )
  • Active PFC
  • Ultra-Silent 140mm Two-Ball Fan
  • 3-year warranty: we will replace new one when the power supply was broken within 3-years.
  • 160x150x86mm
  • AC input

    100V~240V, 10A, 50~60Hz

    DC Terminal Current

    DC Terminal Current

















    Max combined Wattage





    Total Power



    1 * 20+4Pin Mainboard
    6 * PCI Express (3 * 6Pin, 3 * 6+2Pin)
    6 * 4Pin Molex
    1 * 4Pin FDD
    6 * SATA
    1 * 8Pin EPS12V
    1 * 4Pin P412V

    Package Contents:

    1 * 1000W Power Supply
    1 * Power Cord
    1 * Manual
    4 * Installation Screws
    10 * 10mm Cable Tie
    2 * Molex Y Cable
    2 * Molex 4Pin to SATA Cable

ConclusionPCWizKid Recommended

PCWizKid always looks for reliability and constistant delivery of power in a high end gaming rig.  Settle for no less with the Tuniq Ripper.  As seen in the video review on idle and load the voltage readings for the 3.3v, 5v and 12v lines showed little variance no matter what conditions.  Each individual rail has proved to be clean and within spec which makes this a terrific hard core gamers dream to use for their multiple GPU setup.  Only one thing would have made this the ultimate PSU, making it modular.  The amount of cabling to work with is a lot, however with a large enough case with good support for cable managment you can easily tuck away all the cables neatly.  All round a terrific PC enthusiast PSU.



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