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In 2019 we saw that the challenge deciding of building a AMD vs Intel getting easier to do.  However the question always remains, will you be using it mostly for the games? applications, graphics intensive software? or just plain average mainstream home use?   Did you need a 8 Core 16 Thread CPU? or was a 4 Core enough?  There are several ways at approaching building your power house PC, you can work within a budget and stay within your limits or you can build according to the preferred system configuration the manufacturer of the games or software suggests for performance. Otherwise if you want to make sure you can run anything and everything just build an Enthusiast PC
Battle For The Top: AMD Vs. Intel what are the important factors to consider when making your decision?
  • Specification and Price - A look at each processor and its specifications. A look into the cost, value, and price analysis.
  • Performance - A look into how both AMD and Intel processors perform for gaming and general multitasking.
  • Integrated Graphics - A look at the pros and cons of using integrated graphics, what they are, and which brand does it best.
  • Overclocking - Which processors are locked and unlocked for overclocking, and what you will need to do so.
  • Upgradability/Longevity - Some processors and motherboards can be used for multiple generations, some only a single generation.
  • Availability and Support - A look at product availability and compatibility.
  • Brand Speculation - A look at what is coming next from AMD and Intel with new releases and some exciting developments.

Since AMD released its 2nd gen Ryzen range, we've seen the gap between Intel and AMD reduce considerably.  Last year AMD released its 3rd gen of Ryzen CPU's, which has brought some unbelievable performance at those classic low AMD prices. Next we have the 4th Gen Ryzen coming out...

Consumers can take advantage of AMD edging ahead of Intel in the war for CPU dominance for now...Bottom line is however, the steps to building a PC are very similar to previous years.


Below PCWizKid has setup by category from Mainstream to Extreme Gaming Rig configurations some recommendations for you to chose from and decide from there. To makes things easy for you, PCWizKid has put together 3 main configurations to meet each budget and category.  If money is not an issue then check out PCWizkid's Extreme Dream Machine at the bottom of the page.

Remember the pricing for each configuration is approximate and in USD* but will give you a good idea on what to get and what works well together.  For the most recent pricing and hardware list click the links beside each hardware component below.  Please note the prices may not include the LCD/LED monitor, peripherals or the operating system, so check the description details of each system.

CPU's and Combos deals found on Newegg.com in 2019 of components that are from the previous generation but still perform well for the price.

This entry level system (Intel or AMD) is for someone who has a tight budget and cannot spend more than about $1000 USD roughly.  Or perhaps you just need a fast , stable PC for the home office and not for gaming.  Yes you could always get something better if you spend another $50 here and there and before you know it the initial system that you had planned to only spend $500 is now $750.  If you dont mind play games at lower graphic settings and you just want to watch movies surf the net, its all good. Anything can be changed for more expensive better components later on also.  These are quality performing entry level parts for the price $800+ USD approximately.

However if you want an "Elite Series" Gaming PC, check out iBuyPower's Gaming RDY system builds such as this one I reviewed here.

Here below is a CyberPower Gaming system that is equivalent to the iBuyPower system using a Intel i7 9700K for aproximately the same price (click the image below)

Intel Gaming System

AMD Gaming System


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