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Windows 8 vs Windows 7

PCWizkid has already reviewed these screens and new features in Windows 8.  Today we use the final release of Windows 8 64bit and compare it against Windows 7 64bit on the same PC.

Some performance increases Microsoft has highlighted are:

  • Internet Explorer 9 as a starting point: Because Internet Explorer 9, Windows Live Mail, and Windows Live Messenger make "excellent" use of DirectX, they're good examples of what other apps might do. "This led to a number of investments to ensure mainstream apps were fast and looked great."
  • Text acceleration: Text is used a lot in Windows, so accelerating text rendering in Web pages, email programs, and instant messaging is a high priority. Microsoft says it has continued to improve text performance in Windows 8.
  • Geometry rendering: Microsoft also made "dramatic performance improvements for 2D geometry rendering." Geometry rendering is used to create tables, charts, graphs, diagrams, and user interface elements. For Windows 8, improvements "have primarily focused on delivering high-performance implementations of HTML5 Canvas and SVG technologies for use in Metro style apps, and webpages viewed with Internet Explorer 10."\
  • Image rendering: "Several improvements" have been made for working with images and photographs using the JPEG, GIF, and PNG formats. Improvements include "Faster image decoding by expanding SIMD usage on all CPU architectures."
  • Example of rendering improvement: When video is playing, the browser must update the portion of the window containing the video but not the text. "To improve apps that don't need to redraw the entire screen for each frame, we optimized how DirectX deals with redrawing just portions of the screen and how it scrolls." This "reduces the number of times graphics data needs to be copied in memory, it also reduces power consumption, thus increasing battery life."

Keeping these updates in mind, PCWizKid has put to test the same benchmark applications on a  dual boot PC with Windows 7 and 8 to compare fairly.  While PCWizKid understands that drivers and certain updates for Windows 8 arent available yet at the time of the benchmarks made, we used latest beta drivers meant for Windows 8 for our graphics card for example.  See the results in our video review below.


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