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With the recent release of the Windows 8 Developer edition preview of Microsoft's latest operating system due out 1st quarter of 2012 (hopefully), PCWizKid has put together some well known facts and a video to give you a good first look at what Windows 8 will be offering.

The first thing you will notice when you boot into windows is the so called Metro style interface. which looks like the Windows Phone 7 PCWizKid reviewed not too long ago.  This user interface is composed of big colorful tiles, each of which represents an app.

It's horizontally oriented, with tiles that stretch off the right edge and you need to apply a slide swipe to see what's next if you have a touch screen, otherwise on a regular screen you use a bar across the bottom of the screen that you can drag with your mouse or whose navigational arrows you can click.

Some of the more familiar Windows applications have been updated. Windows Explorer now sports a ribbon interface, which is a great improvement over its previous version. Many features, which previously might have been hidden or hard to navigate to, are now easily accessible via five main tabs: File, Home, Share, View, and Manage. Internet Explorer is up to version 10, which on first glance looks and works much like Internet Explorer 9. Run it and you'll be on familiar ground, with the usual menu-less, tabbed interface. It supports CSS 3, HTML 5 and Flash.

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