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Building a PC in 2019 can be a challenge if your not sure what to get. Will you be using it mostly for the games? applications, graphics intensive software? or just plain average mainstream home use? There are several ways at approaching building your power house PC, you can work within a budget and stay within your limits or you can build according to the preferred system configuration the manufacturer of the games or software suggests for performance. Otherwise if you want to make sure you can run anything and everything just build an Enthusiast PC

AMD, Intel and Nvidia's plans and rumors for 2019 so far:

  • AMD has announced at CES 2019 that they plan to release in 2019 the 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen™ desktop processor –  based on the new AMD “Zen 2” x86 core built using world-leading 7nm process technology. The 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen™ desktop processor is expected to deliver new levels of performance and will be the world’s first PC platform to support PCIe 4.0 connectivity, offering better gaming, creating, and streaming experiences than ever before. The 3rd Gen Ryzen™ desktop processor is planned for introduction in mid-2019.
  • Intel at CES 2019 announced a new product to combine an SSD and Optane on the same M.2 card, but it wasn’t officially part of its Core+ bundles.  They did confirm that it would discontinue the boxed Core i7+8700, i5+8400 and i5+8500 by 3rd quarter 2019, though that’s only if supplies of the chips are still available. The last shipments will take place end of 2019. Intel cited a “lack of market demand” as the reason for the discontinuation.  Intel also signaled that the 10nm CPUs arriving this year, which are based on a new microarchitecture called Ice Lake, will target thin-and-light notebooks and convertibles. So, nothing new for desktops yet?
  • What about GPU's? With the cryptocurrency mining craze we saw in 2018 availability of AMD and Nvidia GPU's dwindle to non-existent levels. At the very least you'd be looking at spending unreasonable amounts for a GTX, RTX or VEGA GPU, but with prices now easing and the new RX 590 proving to be a decent choice against an aging Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB, any moves from AMD on the graphics front will be very welcome. AMD"s long-awaited Navi 7nm GPUs are expected in early 2019. Details are still sketchy, but the latest rumors point at mid-range competition for Nvidia's RTX 2070, RTX 2060, GTX 1070 and GTX 1060 in the form of the Radeon RX 3080, 2070 and 3060, with very competitive pricing. With Nvidia's RTX series proving quite pricey and older Pascal-based cards slowly disappearing from shelves, both AMD and Nvidia seem to be gearing up for major GPU launches in 2019.



Below PCWizKid has setup by category from Mainstream to Extreme Gaming Rig configurations some recommendations for you to chose from and decide from there. To makes things easy for you, PCWizKid has put together 3 main configurations to meet each budget and category.  If money is not an issue then check out PCWizkid's Extreme Dream Machine at the bottom of the page.

Remember the pricing for each configuration is approximate and in USD* but will give you a good idea on what to get and what works well together.  For the most recent pricing and hardware list click the links beside each hardware component below.  Please note the prices may not include the LCD/LED monitor, peripherals or the operating system, so check the description details of each system.

CPU's and Combos deals found on Newegg.com in 2018 of components that are from the previous generation but still perform well for the price.

2018 Ryzen 5 2400G $170 http://bit.ly/2FeeINr

Ryzen 5 1500X + Asus board Combo: 3705948 $265

Ryzen 5 1500X + Gigabyte board Combo: 3644721 $245

7700K CPU $340 http://bit.ly/2tfCCGy 7700K + 16GB + Liquid Cooler

NewEgg.com Search Combo#: 3448334 for $587

7700K + ASRock Z270 mobo + Air CPU Cooler

NewEgg.com Search Combo# 3582013 $480

Mid tower cases masterbox lite $35 http://bit.ly/2oPVWom

masterbox mb600l $50 http://bit.ly/2F9A2HT

masterbox 5 $69 http://bit.ly/2Fmek2r

DDR4 Memory 8GB Kit DDR4 Intel $90 http://bit.ly/2tgyKp0

8GB Kit DDR4 AMD $90 http://bit.ly/2FfL0HK

Power Supply Corsair 550W PSU $60 http://bit.ly/2FedRMJ

Graphic Cards Nvidia 1050 2GB GPU $150 http://bit.ly/2F9yPQR

Radeon RX 560 4GB GPU $170 Storage

Nvme 256gb $113 http://bit.ly/2D08EGc

480gb SSD $140 http://bit.ly/2FfDiRO

This entry level system (Intel or AMD) is for someone who has a tight budget and cannot spend more than about $1000 USD roughly.  Or perhaps you just need a fast , stable PC for the home office and not for gaming.  Yes you could always get something better if you spend another $50 here and there and before you know it the initial system that you had planned to only spend $500 is now $750.  If you dont mind play games at lower graphic settings and you just want to watch movies surf the net, its all good. Anything can be changed for more expensive better components later on also.  These are quality performing entry level parts for the price $800+ USD approximately.

However if you want an "Elite Series" Gaming PC, check out iBuyPower's Gaming RDY system builds such as this one I reviewed here.

NOTE: Approximate pricing on each system is based on sale parts as of 2018. Prices are subject to change and total's are approximate in US dollars and do not include taxes and shipping or a display monitor (unless specified).
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