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Phenom II X4 810 ReviewPCWizKid has reviewed earlier the Phenom II X3 720 BE, today we review the Phenom II X4 810 (HDX810WFK4FGI).  Unlike other unlocked black editions the X4 810 has its multiplier locked at a max of 13, however this does not mean you cant overclock it, there are options and PCWizkid will take them and overclock this CPU for maximum performance.

Not too long ago we reviewed the Phenom X4 9950 aswell and overclocked it to 3Ghz.  PCWizKid will do the same in taking the default 2.6Ghz and boosting it to over 3Ghz while keeping temperatures and core voltage increases to a minimum.

Watch PCWizKid's detailed video review of the Phenom II X4 810 CPU


Video Notes:

PCWizKid's Test system uses the AMD Phenom II processors, AMD 790GX based motherboards, and the well known ATI HD Radeon 4800 series graphics cards.  This combination is referred to as the "Dragon" platform.


- Phenom II X4 810 @ 3.1Ghz vCore 1.45v - Bus speed 239Mhz x 13 Multiplier. 
- Jetway HA07-Ultra AMD motherboard (Watch the review)
- Sapphire HD4870 1GB @790/1055Mhz (Watch the review)
- Patriot Viper 2x2GB DDR2 1066 5-5-5-15
- GlacialTech UFO 51 CPU Cooler
- Cooler Master Sniper Mid Tower Case
- In Win commander 850 Watt PSU
- Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit / Calatyst 9.3
- Ambient room temperature 20C or 68F

- All tests are performed at 1280x1024 resolution for consistency in results and comparisons with other system tests.  This is a benchmarking resolution which is commonly used in benchmarking.

  • Game settings for benchmarks are always maxed out at either Very High or Enthusiast levels when available.
  • 3dmark06, 3dVantage, SiSandra 2009, Everest,CPU-Z and many other tools and utilities were used in the benchmarking process.


General information
Type CPU / Microprocessor
Family AMD Phenom II X4
Model number  810
Part number HDX810WFK4FGI
Stepping code AACZC AC
Frequency (MHz) 2600
Bus speed (MHz)
  • 667 MHz Memory controller
  • One 1800 MHz 16-bit HyperTransport link
Package 938-pin organic micro-PGA
Sockets Socket AM2+
Socket AM3
Introduction date Feb 9, 2009
Price at introduction $175
Architecture / Microarchitecture
Processor core Deneb
Manufacturing process 0.045 micron SOI
758 million transistors
Data width 64 bit
Number of cores 4
Floating Point Unit Integrated
Level 1 cache size  4 x 64 KB 2-way associative instruction caches
4 x 64 KB 2-way associative data caches
Level 2 cache size 4 x 512 KB 16-way associative caches
Level 3 cache size 4 MB shared cache
Virtual memory (TB) 256
  • MMX
  • 3DNow!
  • SSE
  • SSE2
  • SSE3
  • SSE4a 
  • Advanced Bit Manipulation 
  • AMD64 technology 
  • AMD-V (virtualization) technology
  • Enhanced Virus Protection 
Low power features
  • Cool'n'Quiet 3.0
  • CoolCore Technology 
  • Dual Dynamic Power Management 
  • Core C1 and C1E states
  • Package S0, S1, S3, S4 and S5 states
On-chip peripherals
  • Integrated 144-bit DDR2 Memory Controller
  • HyperTransport 3 technology
Electrical/Thermal parameters
V core (V) ? 1.15 - 1.425
V NorthBridge (V) 1.15 - 1.3
Max operating temperature (°C)  55 - 71
Thermal Design Power (W) 95 (Socket AM2+/Socket AM3)
104 (Socket AM2)
Notes on AMD HDX810WFK4FGI
  • Core revision C2
  • HDX810WFK4FGI is an OEM/tray processor
  • HDX810WFGIBOX is a boxed processor
  • On socket AM2+/AM3 platforms in the minimum performance state the processor runs at 800 MHz / 0.875 - 1.15 Volt core voltage, and has TDP 47.6 Watt
  • On socket AM2 platforms in the minimum performance state the processor runs at 800 MHz / 1.15 Volt core voltage, and has TDP 72.3 Watt

ConclusionsPCWizKid Recommends AMD

The Phenom II X4 810 has made a difference with 4MB L3 cache.  You can tell also by the results demonstrated in the video review that the 45nm chip has better power efficiency than its older cousin the Phenom 9950 which makes it an attractive choice to other Intel 45nm quad cores as well.  For the price point again AMD has proven it is capable to deliver performance.  With a little overclocking, we see that there are increases from 10% to 20% from the Phenom II X3 720 also.  I must admit overclocking of a locked CPU is not as fun as the Black Editions reviewed by PCWizkid, but none the less it was doable and satisfactory with a stable 3.1Ghz thats a 20% increase at little cost.  The Phenom II X4 810 has demonstrated a solid performance at all levels competing to the Intel Q9400 and Q9300 quad-core CPUs for less.

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