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Many people ask PCWizKid where do you get your mouse cursor or wallpaper.  Well its not all from one place and it can take some time to search for it thats for sure.  If your looking for a new theme or change no sweat, I have a few of my favorite locations on the net where you can quickly get hassle free top notch desktop/laptop wallpaper, themes and cursors in all sizes.

So like I said, PCWizKid gets hundreds of emails asking where we get our wallpaper seen in the video reviews for example. Well its simple, all the XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Ubuntu wallpapers PCWizKid has customized just happen to come from gnome-look.org

PCWizKid searched and searched through the long list of free downloads for mouse curosrs and themes from gnome-look.org until finally I found what I liked and you seen in the video tutorials and reviews.

PCWizKid's MousePCWizKid's Mouse Cursor Set - (Works in ALL versions of Windows)

If you are interested in getting the same mouse cursors as seen in PCWizKid videos, I have included it here for you to download.  You can also read Getting and Customizing Free Mouse Cursors for more details.

PCWizKid's Desktop Wallpapers - (for Any Operating system)


GNOME HD GNOME Wallpaper 1680x1050


Simple Complexity (GNU)

Simple Complexity (GNU) GNOME Wallpaper 1680x1050


Blue turbulence

Blue turbulence GNOME Wallpaper 1280x1024


Watch the video below that shows you the website and how to get different types of desktop add-ons. In this video example we see Ubuntu theme customization, but you can get just plain regular wallpaper for any operating system from this same website its not just for Ubuntu. The video shows you the website also where you can get different size wallpapers.


The second place is WallPaperStock.net , a terrific place to get all kinds of desktop wallpaper for anyone, in both regular and widescreen sizes.
If you are open to Artistic talent and fan art, check out the Digitalart.org where you can find an
interesting selection of artwork ranging from movies, sci-fi and fantasy.


Cant find what you need here? Post your question here on PCWizKid's Forum PCWizKid's Forum


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