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The NVIDIA GT 430 graphics card is currently the lowest card in the 400 series and packs in 96 CUDA cores, as did the GT 240 and 8800 GTS/GS/etc before it. It features 1GB of GDDR3 with different clock speeds for the memory depending on the company releasing it. This AXLE card is clocked at reference speeds of 700 MHz core, 1400 MHz shader, and 700 MHz memory. Since this is aimed at low-end markets, the card is smaller in physical size and power consumption, as is the trend for the cards in this tier. With DirectX 11 and solid media capabilities, this card would do great for typical home users, light gamers, energy efficient builds, HTPC systems, as a PhysX processor for more hardcore gamers, as well as plenty of other uses! The AXLE GeForce GT 430 is protected by a plastic cover to keep from scratching during installation and the heat sink is covered by a black shroud with the fan attached. Underneath is an all-aluminum heat sink similar to the Arctic Cooling Accelero L2 Pro and other designs — it's a very commonly used base for heat sinks. A bright yellow impeller sits over the top of the heat sink base, while the shroud clips onto the exhaust grill and fins to mount the fan to the heat sink. The back side has surface mount capacitors, resistors, and a few regulatory ICs, while all the memory ICs are on the GPU side.  The GPU core is made at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) on its 40 nm lithography fabrication process. The die measures 114 mm² and has 585 million transistors.

Video Review

Conclusion - PCWizKid Product Score 7/10

The AXLE GT 430 performed very well at the defaul clock values. The gaming benchmarks were good as long as graphics quality was set lower to medium settings.  High definition content handling was terrific for this card, as it is tailored to media workloads. This card also works great as a dedicated PhysX processor and can take the load off the CPU when decoding media content.  This was not the low-profile version so you cannot use it ins a small HTPC very well. While the fan is built with a ball bearing and of good quality, it was a little loud.  The GT 430 is definitely a great upgrade over on-board GPUs and as shown in the video review is a entry model graphics card that performs well.  Axle3d website details.


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