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Phenom II X4 810 ReviewPCWizKid has reviewed many AMD and Intel CPU's.  However in PCWizKid's reviews the bottom line is whats the perforance you are getting for the $$$.  Why? Well one thing to keep in mind is that AMD's intent is to give the best price for the performance comparing it to the Intel CPU's.  The choices are limited when it comes to CPU brands its either Intel or AMD.  So if we are forced to chose one, lets make the best decision we can based on our budget.  However if you are looking for maximum performance and price is not an issue, Intel's CPU's are still to be beaten since they lead currently with the fastest CPU's overall.

Dont get me wrong, if money is no problem for you, please by all means get the Intel Core i7, PCWizKid admits that without a doubt the performance of an Intel Core i7 is greater however so is the price!  Take a look at the CPU Hierarchy chart and you can see how Intel vs AMD compare, and then check the prices further below for AMD and you will see that for the average consumer who is looking to save and still get performance PCWizKid recommended AMD CPU's.CPU Reviews for Intel and AMD

PCWizKid has put together a video playlist of all the CPU's reviewed so far for you, click below to watch and scroll through the ones you want to see.

This 2013 CPU Hierarchy Chart shows you from the top tier high end CPU to the low end for both Intel and AMD.

*Intel Extremes or 'X' and Intel 'K'= unlocked CPU Multiplier
*AMD 'FX' and 'Black Editions' = unlocked CPU Multiplier
*Across Tiers, higher lines indicate more powerful cpus and models starting from the left of each line indicate the faster cpu model of that product range.

Click here for the latest pricing on a Intel CPU

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Tier 1
Core i7-4960X, -3970X, -3960X, -4930K, -3930K
Core i7-4770K, -4771, -4770, -4770S, -4770R
Core i7-4820K, -3820, -3770K, -3770, -2700K, -2600K, -2600
Core i5-4670K, -4670, -4670S, -4670R, -4570, -4440, -4430, -3470
Core i7-990X Extremes, -980X, -975 Extreme, -965 Extreme
Core i5-3570K, -3570, -3550, -3470, -3450P, -3450, -3350P, -3330
Core i5-2550K, -2500K, -2500, -2450P, -2400, -2380P, -2320, -2310, -2300
FX-9590, -9370, -8350, -8320

Tier 2:
Core i7-980, -970, -960, -950, -940, -930, -920, -880, -875K, -870, -860
FX-8150, -8120, -6350, -6300, -4350, -4300
Phenom II X6 Black Editions 1100T, 1090T
Phenom II X4 Black Editions 980, 975, 970

Tier 3:
Core i5-760, -750, -2405S, -2400S
Core i3-3250, -3245, -3240, -3225, -3220, -3220T, -3210
Core 2 Extremes QX9775, QX9770, QX9650
Core 2 Quad Q9650
FX-6200, -6130, -6120, -6100, -4170, -4150
Phenom II X6 1075T Black Edition, 1055T
Phenom II X4 Black Editions 965, -955, -940
Athlon II X4 Black Editions 760K, -750K
A10-6800K, -6790k-6700, -5800K, -5700,

Tier 4:
Core i5-680, -670, -661, -660, -655K, -650
Core 2 Quad Q9550, Q9450, Q9400
Core i3-2130, -2120, -2125, -2105, -2100, -2120T, -2100T
FX-4130, -4100
Phenom II X6 1055T, 1045T
Phenom II X4 945, 940, 925, 920
Phenom II X3 Black Editions 740, 720, 715
A8-6600K, -6500, -5600K, -5500, -3870K, -3850
A6-6400K, -6400, -5400K, -3670K
Athlon II X4 651K, 645, 641, 640 638, 631


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